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Boundary Waters Coffee Mug

You can now drink your favorite Boundary Waters Coffee out of our brand new BWC Mug! Dishwasher Safe Microwavable Safe Made in America


Gunnar’s Swedish Blend

A Scandinavian blend of Central American coffees and French roasted Colombian, producing a superb after-dinner coffee. Medium bodied with a full rich flavor, light acidity and good aroma. Our #1 selling unflavored coffee!


Voyageur’s Double French Roast

Medium to heavy bodied with a bursting aroma. A true eye opener.


Italian Espresso

This classic Italian roast uses 100% Colombian beans roasted to a very dark brown-black which brings a natural shine to the bean.


Cascade Colombian Roast

A nice snappy acidity, rich flavor & aroma and finishes with a strong body.


Superior Sumatra

Heavy bodied low acid level with a nutty flavor. Grade 1 Sumatra.


5# Bag – Special Order

PLEASE NOTE:  All 5 pound bag orders are considered "special orders" and will take longer to ship.