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rosemary and howard joynes In 1941, at the age of 23, Howard and Rosemary Joynes bought the P.E. Alm general store in downtown Grand Marais, MN. The couple had recently graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, married, and decided to return to Howard’s hometown. Their first day as new store owners was Sunday, December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor Day. Seventy years later, the general store continues as a family-operated business.

The couple’s only child, Richard, was born in 1943. Dick began working at the family’s store at a very young age.

In1954, Joynes built the present-day store. The old building became “The Bargain Barn” selling close-out merchandise from the new store. In 1981 the old building was torn down.

During high school, Dick began dating Skip Moyer. After high school Skip attended St. Mary’s School of Nursing in Rochester, MN and Dick attended Rochester Business School. The couple returned to Grand Marais to marry. In 1964 Dick began managing Joynes’ Ben Franklin.

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rodney and julie carlson Dick and Skip raised two children, Jim and Julie. They worked at Joynes’ Ben Franklin during high school and college. In 2001 Rodney and Julie [Joynes] Carlson took over the management of the store.

Today the family tradition continues. Rodney and Julie's sons, Aaron and Nate, representing the fourth generation, work at the store.

Everyone's Favorite Store on the Shore
Celebrating over 70 years!

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